Monday, 12 Khordad 1399
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سد خداآفرین

History of East Azarbaijan regional Water Authority


The company started its operation in 1963 by formation of Azarbaijan water and electricity organization and covering both the East and West Azarbaijan. In 1968 the company’s name was changed to Azarbaijan water and electricity Authority, and then with approval of the revolution council in 1980 continued its operation under title of Azarbaijan Regional Water Authority. On 23rd April, 1985 with approval of delegation of ministers the company was divided into two authorities i.e., East Azarbaijan and West Azarbaijan Regional Water Authorities.  

In ministers council meeting dated on 11th Sep., 1993 and according to the proposal No. 505/1305/48910 of the Ministry of Energy by virtue of Article 32 of the Law of fair distribution of water, approved in 1982 the company’s name was changed to East Azarbaijan & Ardabil Regional Water Authority. Following the implementation of the Directive No.33559 T 26914 H dated 2nd Aug., 2005 the two provinces were separated; so, the company’s name was changed again into East Azarbaijan regional Water Authority.



Last Update: 2016-09-25