Reopening of Bostan Abad spa water treatment complex with the presence of East Azerbaijan Regional Water Director and local officials

After a major overhaul of mechanical and electrical facilities with a complete renovation carried out by the East Azerbaijan Regional Water Company, the Bostanabad Spa Hydrotherapy Complex was reopened and ready for operation in the presence of the company CEO and a group of local officials.

According to the East Azarbaijan Regional Public Relations, after the interruption that occurred due to the epidemic of Corona in the operation of this complex, the complex was ready for operation while the employees of this company worked around the clock.
The visit was attended by the CEO and Deputy Director of Human Resources, Finance and Support of the company, the governor, the mayor, law enforcement officials, the health department of the city water department and staff managers.
This complex is ready to provide services to dear compatriots from Sunday, May 7th.

News code: 2269
 News Date: 2022-05-10



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