Scope of Activities


Scope of activities and Geographical Area

Geographical area and scope of activities of the company

The geographical area managing by the East Azarbaijan Regional Water Authority includes East Azarbaijan with the area of 4549088 Square Kilometer and a pert of West Azarbaijan (Aras water Basin).

Watersheds of the company’s activation Scope

The scope of company’s activation is some parts of Aras River, Urmia Lake and Sefid-Rud.

Population of under-management area of the company

East Azarbaijan population is 3527267 Based on population and housing census in 2006.




AMSL of the company’s activation area

The general ASML of East Azarbaijan Province is in the range of 160-4811 m. dominant climates at this area are dry-cold, semi-dry and cold, and cold-wet weathers.


It has been recorded as 40°c at Jolfa and Mianeh stations in the hottest days of summer, and as -30°c at elevated stations of East Azarbaijan in the winter.  

The mean rate of precipitation and its distribution

The mean rate of precipitation in East Azarbaijan is 304 mm yearly with the 15000.000.000 cubic meter. 




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